Jarred Herrmann has been interested in cattle since his first 4-H beef project when he was 10 years old. And like many, this was a hobby that turned into a passion! For more than six years now, Herrmann Cattle Company has been building a herd of competitive show cattle from the ground up. Our herd is comprised of Maine-Anjou, Shorthorn, Simmental and Hereford females, with many originating from the Bushy Park and Vickland herds.

Together Jarred, wife Jaime as well as their two daughters Addison and Zoey, work day in and day out to raise cattle that are functional, eye appealing and easy doing. We calve in the spring, and sell show prospects in the fall. These cattle are bred to excel in both the national and local arenas, and then make good cows when it’s time.

We may not have a huge herd, but we are more focused on quality rather than quantity at Herrmann Cattle Company. If you’re ever in Northern Illinois, we invite you to take a walk through the pasture, or call Jarred anytime to visit about the cattle and what we have to offer.




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For sale

We have two MAB X Yellow Jacket/Juicy Heifers for sale.

Contact Jarred - p: 630-461-9067






Thank you for your interest in herrmann cattle co. If you would like any additional information, or if you have any questions, please contact us. We are always available to help, and visitors are always welcome.